Registration are open for the 11th edition of the XTERRA Switzerland!

Watch out, you must have with you a licence to participate in XTERRA Classic.

You have two options for the daily licence:

  • In case you don’t, you can buy a daily licence during the delivery of the bib.
  • You can also buy a daily licence when you register on MSO-CHRONO

The elite category is reserved for people in possession of a professional license. Without this one, thank you to register in the categories by age group.

Also, the number of spots is limited to 300 for the XTERRA Light and 500 for the XTERRA Classic. The registrations will probably be closed at least a month before the beginning of the race, there won’t be spots for everybody ! N.B.: XTERRA Challenge is reserved for disabled people.

Namely, the youngest participants must have been born in 2004.

XTERRA New Logo tout les possibilités Fees

XTERRA Classic, (1.5km/27km/10km) :

  • CHF 79.- for the first 50 registrations
  • CHF 89.- from 51 to 125 registrations
  • CHF 99.- from 126 to 220 registrations
  • CHF 109.- for all other registrations

XTERRA Classic Relay (1.5km/27km/10km) :

  • CHF 190.- for all registrations

XTERRA Light (0.5km/13km/5km) :

  • CHF 50.- for the first 30 registrations
  • CHF 55.- from 31 to 70 registrations
  • CHF 65.- from 71 to 100 registrations
  • CHF 75.- for all other registrations

XTERRA Light Relay (0.5km/13km/5km) :

  • CHF 165.- for all registrations

To know that the category “Challenge” is reserved for people with disabilities.

**** WARNING **** Limited number of race bibs (300 for Light and 500 for Classic)

XTERRA Light + XTERRA Light Relay : 300 bibs

XTERRA Classic + XTERRA Light Relay  : 500 bibs

Refund is only possible if you take an insurance during the registration.