XTERRA New Logo tout les possibilités 1. General rules

This wilderness race takes place in a splendid and completly preserved environment. General, security and environmental rules are therefore put

  • Trails, sidwalks and beaches that fitted borrow are open to the public and thus to share. We ask the competitiors to show respect and sympathy for the public
  • This test is run individually or in pairs. In this case, it is compulsory to be tied by a rope with your teammate and to be within 10 meters when swimming. The arrival time is calculated on the 2nd competitor of the pair.
  • An athlete whose binomenal abandons must also abandon, and they must imperatively notify the organization.
  • Arbitration is provided by the organizer. In any case, the decision of the organization can be questioned.
  • Any help material or human external to the Organization are allowed (except in cases of force majeure)
  • An athlete is required to help within the limits of possibilities or to report an athlete in trouble to the organizers even if he has to turn away or wasting time.

XTERRA New Logo tout les possibilités 2. Equipement of binominals

  • All of the material chosen initially by a team must be kept until the end of the race. Control of material may occure at the beggining or during the race: each pair must be able to show that it has well the obligatory equipement in which case he can be disqualified. A team that discharges or recovers some of his material will be disqualified.
  • Each competitor has the obligation to wear the CAP, and the numbered bib provided by the organization. The numbers have to be visible every time.
  • It is forbidden to cut or deteriorate the organization materials.

Compulsory equipement:

  • A right combination is mandatory when the water temperature is equal or less than 18°C. If the water temperature is more than 24°C the combination is obligatory.
  • Liaison between athletes of same binomial (like elastic rope)
  • A bib and a CAP (Provided by the organizer)

Equipement authorized:

  • Platelets (paddle) – floats to a size smaller than 40X30X20cm (type pull-buoy) – swimming goggles – sport shoes.
  • Whistle

XTERRA New Logo tout les possibilités 3. Organization rights
Depending on the weather, or unforseen situation, the organizers reserve the right to take all necessary steps to ensure that the even take in the best condition of security, like remove or stop the race at any time, and this whitout compensation

XTERRA New Logo tout les possibilités 4. Environments

The event take place in a natural and beautiful environment. Organizers and competitors are commited together to respect this space and preserve it. Any competitor who will be convinced of throwing any object or waste in nature one will be immediately disqualified.

XTERRA New Logo tout les possibilités 5. Images rights

Each competitor authorizes the organization to use his image, voice and sport result in order to use it in any way, on every support and all over the world by any know or unknow way at this date for an unlimited duration.

XTERRA New Logo tout les possibilités6. Personal accident

Each competitor must be in possession of an individual accident insurance covering possible costs. Such insurance can be taken out with any organization chosen by the competitor.

Warning: the helicopter evacuations in Switzerland are priced.