XTERRA New Logo tout les possibilités WHAT IS XTERRA?

XTERRA is one of the hardest competitions in the world. It was born fifteen years ago in Maui, Hawaii. It’s the off road version of a normal triathlon. No doubt that is the most outstanding version of triathlon.

Athletes have to deal with the forces of the nature but as well fight against themselves. They must manage their efforts and stay focus during the entire race. XTERRA requires lots of qualities. Control, strengths, such a good pace and cleverness seem to be the best allies. Athletes face a lot of challenges and have to live with the environment. It’s a kind of harmony between humans and nature. For them, XTERRA represents much more than just a race; it is a kind of way of life, a real lifestyle. The motto « Live more » absolutely underlines the spirit of XTERRA. It’s the perfect cocktail between adrenalin, adventure and fun.

Nowadays, XTERRA is becoming a sports brand like IRONMAN. It lures people because of its closeness to nature and its exceptional atmosphere.

The program is a mix of swimming, mountain biking and trail running. Race distances are around 1.5km for swimming, between 30 and 40km for mountain biking and 10km concerning trail running. The swimming part is very close to the classic triathlon but the two others parts are completely different. Concerning mountain biking, bikers must ride up mountains, descend incline sharp and crawl over obstacles. The trail is completely off-road.

Today XTERRA meets a worldwide success and competitions are hosted in more than 30 countries like United States, Japan, Brazil, South Africa and as well an European tour with Germany, Austria, Ireland, and this year for the fifth time in Switzerland. The best athletes will win slots to participate XTERRA final in Maui.

We are very pleased to welcome you to La Vallée de Joux. We are convinced that this edition will be a great success. However it’s paramount to inform you that every year tickets are sold very quickly. So buy it as soon as possible!