XTERRA New Logo tout les possibilités A competition born in Hawaii

Team Unlimited is a Hawaii-based company which specializes in televised events and marketing. It created the XTERRA in 1996 with a race in Maui; there is today a world series with 100 different races in 16 different countries.

In 1996, mountain biking and triathlon were reunited in an epic battle on the island of Maui in Hawaii. The course was launched at Aquaterra and comprised a swim in the ocean, a mountain bike race in the mountains and a trail run. It was this raw format which attracted athletes to nature and the open air. The mountain bikers brought with them their poise and skill on the bike, the triathletes brought their immense base fitness and their passion. A common spirit was soon established and few were able to resist the new challenges and opportunities that XTERRA presented.